We offer same day delivery Mon-Fri to most local areas if we receive your order by 10.30. We will do our very best to accommodate same day delivery if you place your order later in the day, but we do advise you place your order by phone or instore to confirm we are able to get it there in time for you.

We deliver on Saturday up until about 1pm. Unfortunately we cannot offer Sunday deliveries with the exception of Mothers Day, Valentines day or Weddings.

If the recipient is not home when the courier delivers your gift they will make an assessment on whether or not there is a safe place to leave the flowers. If they decide to leave the flowers a calling card is placed in the recipients mailbox to inform then of the delivery and location of the gift. Please note all our flowers are delivered in their own water source.

If our courier does not feel there is a safe place to leave the flowers or it is too hot to leave them safely they will be returned to the store. Again a calling card will be left in the recipients mail box asking them to contact the store. Please be advised an additional delivery charge may be requested if the courier has to return to the same address.

Cut flowers are a perishable product ( much like fruit and vege) . You can reasonably expect 5-7 days from your cut flowers. The life of fresh flowers varies between flower variety and is also subject to environmental conditions such as the temperature in your house or office.

We advise to maximise the life of your flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight or warm drafts. Top up the water daily and change the water recutting the stems every few days. When changing the water it is best to clean the vase or pot your flowers are in with a small amount of bleach.

Yes our friendly team can organise this through one of our service network providers. Please same day deliveries are not guaranteed for overseas or interstate orders. It is best if possible to order at least a couple of days before you wish the delivery to be made.

It is generally best to book your wedding flowers no later than a few months before your wedding. We use only the best seasonally available flowers and we like to book your flowers in with our wholesalers as early as possible.

We require a 20% to be made when you confirm your booking with us. Full payment must then be made no later then 2 weeks before your wedding date.

Paeonies  have a very short season in Australia and are usually only available late October to December. Recent years have seen the availability of import Paeonies from France during May June July. Supply though is not always guaranteed and as always these gorgeous flowers come at a premium price.

Yes most definitely. Beautiful locally grown roses are available most of the year. There is a short period through winter where supply is limited but there are lots of lovely imported roses still available.