On Line Order Gatherers – What are they and why should you avoid them ?

On Line Order Gatherers – What are they and why should you avoid them ?

The simple easy answer-well they are not actually ” real florists in real shops”

Many of you would be shocked to know that a lot of on-line stores claiming to be florists are actually nothing more than a fancy website and a call center

Yup thats right not actually a real life, qualified, trained and experienced florist working in a real florist shop

How does it work ?- well they take your hard earned money- take a big chunk of that in an undisclosed commission for themselves then try to get an actual florist to make up and deliver the flowers.

The poor florist given your order often only gets as little as 50% of the money you have spent to complete the order, making it virtually impossible to supply a product that matches the picture of the product on the on-line order gatherers website.

( please note we NEVER EVER accept orders from on line order gatherers )

Long story short you the customer are being ripped off massively. Its highly unlikely the person you are sending flowers to will receive anything resembling the product you purchased

But let me tell you its not all doom and gloom. You can easily avoid giving these type of businesses your money!

All you have to do is a little bit of homework before you place your order.

A few quick easy things to do:

  • Check out google reviews- these can be a real key indicator as to if the business is a real florist or not
  • Check if the business has a facebook or instagram account
  • Check they have an actual street address pinned on google maps

If all else fails pick up the phone- ask the question “where is your store located” ” what flowers do you have in store today” It will soon be obvious if you are talking to a real florist or not !

Make sure the face behind the flowers you are sending belongs to a real life florist and not a call center representative

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Jan Murphy


Jan Murphy, Lead floral designer and founder of Branch & Blossom has had over 20 years industry experience. Working for many years as a fully qualified florist in a variety of retail florists & design studios before branching out on her own to open Branch & Blossom. With passion for all things florals & a highly creative flair Jan has worked on many special events, weddings , photoshoots & collaborations during the course of her extensive career. Focused on creating bespoke designs & curating pieces that are truly unique floral works of art Jan continues to explore the fascinating world of floral design.